Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Teeth, Shots, and an Oversized Armoire

Bruce had another doctor's appointment today. He got his monthly RSV shot, which he did not enjoy. He also got weighed: 15 lb 13 oz at 10 months. Still far off the bottom of the growth chart. He was sick over the weekend, but is doing much better now. He's cutting about four teeth on the top, so he has some painful moments.

Scott and I had a painful moment yesterday when we bought an armoire (to put the TV and all those wires that Bruce just loves off the floor) and couldn't fit it into our car. It was about an inch too wide, so someone from our ward is driving his truck over to get it for us tomorrow. Still, what a pain! We won't be moving for a long time. It's just too much work!

Scott has a test tomorrow, so he's doing lots of studying. I have a load of laundry waiting for me.


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