Friday, April 28, 2006

Fun with Pudding

I know I have a ton of high-chair shots on here, but he's just so cute! This is one from yesterday. He had eaten an entire plate of pasta complete with tomato sauce and cheese. Then he had some cantalope too. He just ate so much; where does it all go?

So after his big lunch, I let him play in chocolate pudding. He loved it, of course.

Here's the Raymond Update...

Scott is busy doing heart surgery on a pig right now. He will be in surgery pretty much all day today. I'll have to avoid cooking ham for tonight. Scott has been really busy with school; the last few weeks of classes are upon us. Exams are coming up and all sorts of final papers and homework assignments are due. Scott is excited because he got a huge corner office at his Alzheimer's research lab. He only gets it for two months (people moved out, but more will move in), but a corner office for a grad student is pretty good - even for two months. You'll have to ask him about it, but he did mention 10-ft windows.

I'm still recovering from the marathon. On Tuesday I met up with my track team for an easy run. I announced that I wasn't going to run longer than 6 miles and everyone pretty much said I was a wuss. I ran a 3-mile warmup with everyone, then went for an easy run with some other marathoners. At the beginning of the run, one of my teammates said, "Emily, guess what time it is?" I came up with a few answers: "8 o'clock, time for Bruce to go to bed?" He said, "Nope. It's time to play What are your 5 favorite Meals?" He explained it like this: If I was on a deserted island and could only have 5 meals, what would they be. Something like that. By the time I told him about all 5 meals complete with appetizers, sides, desserts, etc. (all including things I can't eat like steak, chocolate, and cheese), we had run 3 miles out. So at that point, I still had to run 3 miles to get back to my car. I was tricked into running more. Besides running, I wrote 16 pages about the Sony W100 this week (another digital camera) along with a bunch of camera industry news. I babysat three girls last night: two 3-yr-old twins and an 8-yr-old. The girls love Bruce. They followed him around and played on the floor with him for awhile. He got all wound up, so we baked cookies and then popped in The Incredibles for them to watch while I put Bruce to sleep.

Bruce is doing allright. He has a never-ending cold that makes his nose runny and sparks these little coughing fits. Other than that, though, he's doing great. The weather is getting really nice now, so we go out and water our garden every day (only the oregano has popped up so far. It's mostly herbs and a few beans and tomatoes). Today we'll probably go to the park and swing.

That's what's going on in our corner of the world.


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