Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mobility and Injury

Bruce is getting more and more mobile. He decided to start crawling for real, but I don't think he will be crawling for long. He pulls himself up on the couch and anything else he can reach. My neighbor calls this the "pull to fall" stage, which is right on. Bruce pulled himself up on the couch, then got a mouthfull of hardwood floor on his way down (see fat-lipped photo).

Bruce is getting four new teeth on top. Last week, he was a little sick too - fever, snot, cough, etc. So between the illness and the teething, Bruce was a handful. I'm so glad he's at least over the sickness!

The other picture is of Bruce with one of his favorite books. It has all these flaps for learning colors and shapes; he loves it. Also notice the toothbrush in his hand; he can't get enough of that thing.

My marathon plans are still a little sketchy. I've been swimming, biking, and elipticizing for a few weeks. I started running last week and am running 4-5 miles a day right now. The trick will be to go from these few miles a day to 26.2 miles in less than a month - without getting injured. The Boston Marathon is April 17, so I probably won't know what I'm up to until the day before!



Blogger Jami said...

Good luck with the training. I hope you can do it! Bruce is such a cutie! He looks so much like you, I think.

6:26 PM  

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