Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Go West!

I think this is the longest stretch I've gone without updating the blog. It's because so much has happened! Scott, Bruce, and I went west for vacation. Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt had their 50th wedding anniversary, so the family got together at Lake Powell to celebrate. We arrived a few days early and spent some time with the Leavitts. We fed the ducks at Lake Mead, admired Grandpa's garden, basked in the 110-degree heat, and enjoyed watching Bruce play with Grandma and Grandpa.

We drove to Lake Powell with the Leavitts and stayed in trailers near the shore. Every morning, we went to the dock and rode Uncle Greg's motor boat out to a beach somewhere on the lake. Then we'd play in the sand and water all day. Scott and I did lots of jet skiing. Bruce wandered from digging his hands in the sand to crawling through the shallow water - all day. I slathered SPF 60 on me and Bruce every two hours or so. We escaped major sun burns. I didn't rub Scott's sunblock in very good though. Oops. Sorry Scott.

After Lake Powell, we drove to Zion's National Park and stayed for a few days in a town called Hurricane, Utah. It's not pronounced like you think though. It sounds more like "Herkin" when the natives say it. The town next door was "La Verkin." Weird. Anyway, we hiked 1,500 ft up Angel's Landing and we hiked around some waterfalls and pools and such in the canyon. It was gorgeous!

When we got home from the west, Will and Linda and family came to Boston to visit us! We visited several museums, walked part of the Freedom Trail, ate yummy food, and went to the beach. Linda even got a driving tour of Boston, Cambridge, Allston, and other surrounding towns. We were going to dinner one night and couldn't find parking. So she dropped off the kids at the restaurant and said she was going to park the car at a lot she just saw one street away. We didn't see her for an hour and a half. We were quite worried. But after quite a long time, Joe saw their Suburban blow through the intersection (we were all watching on a street corner for her) and I chased her down. She really got a taste of Boston driving!

Nevertheless, we all had a great time. This entry is really vague and somewhat boring, but we've been so busy I've hardly had time to write! On a similar note, pictures will be added later.


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