Saturday, December 15, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

The kids have lengthy wish lists this year. Bruce has been listing every Lego set ever made along with a few random items like "microscope" and "Pokemon cards." He has a very specific list. Phoebe, on the other hand, wants things like "dolls" (it doesn't matter what brand), "a robot" (not sure why she says that because we already have one), and will take anything pink. Her list is more ambiguous, which makes me think she will be happy with just about anything wrapped in brightly colored paper.

This year Christmas morning will be a little unusual. Scott works nights the week of Christmas, so he will roll in after a sleepless night around 8 a.m. We will probably open our stockings then, and open one present; I'll pick one that can occupy the kids quietly for a few hours while Scott sleeps. Our gift-opening will come sometime in the afternoon, followed by Christmas dinner and then Scott going back to work.

To add to the excitement, we are dog-sitting for almost two weeks. Scott really wants a dog and I'm not so sure I want to take care of a dog, so this should at least lean us farther to one side or the other of our/my indecision. I don't like the idea of handling warm squishy dog poo in a plastic baggie, but I'm hoping the overall cuteness and cuddliness of the dog makes up for it. We shall see.

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Blogger Cagney and Laci said...

Don't judge your dog getting all on dog sitting Gatsby. If you need a more friendly dog that loves to snuggle on your lap you can borrow my dog for a few hours and I'm sure you'll be hooked. Sounds like Christmas will be interesting this year. Good luck with keeping the kids occupied while Scott sleeps!

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