Friday, March 29, 2013

The roadtrip home

Our return trip to Boston was in the car, which was good in some ways (we brought home a lot more than we came with, we could pack more than three ridiculous ounces of liquids, etc.) but not so much in others. Phoebe came up with the above theme song, sung several times during the 11-hour trip. There's a lot of gibberish, but the chorus is, "Stinky gas, gross!" 

We only stopped twice to fill the gas tank and once to eat lunch, so we made good time. We stopped at a family restaurant off I-80 in Pennsylvania. It was one of those greasy-spoon diner places that offers breakfast for most of the day, so the kids got breakfast food and I ordered a "Morris melt," which the menu described as "a cheese melt with fried onions and mushrooms." It appeared to be the only vegetarian option on the menu. I asked the waitress if that's all that came on it and she said, "Yep." So I ordered it. But when it came, it came with a big ground beef patty on it. I guess beef is a given there? I disassembled my sandwich and Scott got an extra patty. The good news is that we all ate lunch for less than $20.

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Blogger Suzanna and James said...

LOL, grrrreeeeeeeat. I wonder what (who?) inspired that song...?

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