Sunday, October 26, 2014


Scott's parents moved from Montana to Colorado a few years ago and we had never been to their new digs, so we decided to finally head west and check them out. Scott got a week off of work (yay!) and we relaxed, played, hiked, ran, and thoroughly enjoyed our vacation. Above is the view from their back yard; not bad, eh?! It's a nice change from the parking garage I stare at from my living room window.
 Oliver enjoyed free reign over the toys. At least once a day, you could find him just like this: in a bucket of Legos, chucking them out handful by handful, with a super-intense face on.
 Phoebe enjoyed having a yard and driveway, stocked with scooters and bicycles and ride-on toys.
 Phoebe and Scott got a bit too competitive in their scooter-racing once. That would be Phoebe upon wiping out. Good thing she is invincible.
 Scott and I went running in some cool places. I had the camera most of the time, so above is one of the few photos of me: picking a rock or something out of my shoe. With lovely scenery in the background.
 We ran on a trail that crossed a stream several times (wet feet), then snaked up a canyon higher and higher until the ground was covered with snow.
 The elevation was killing me. My legs were heavy, my lungs were burning, and I was gasping for air. Now I am back at home typing this at an elevation of about 40 feet (being on the top floor), so the 7,500 feet of elevation of this run was killer.
 Still, it was beautiful.

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