Sunday, October 26, 2014

Phoebe is FIVE!

We had an epic birthday bash for Phoebe this year. It wasn't humongous or expensive, but it was FUN. I'm not sure that we can top this. Ever. I didn't get a ton of pictures because I had my hands full most of the time - either juggling Oliver, running party games, or both. Unsurprisingly, Phoebe wanted to have a firefighter-themed birthday party. She colored and painted fire hydrants, flames, firetrucks, and firefighter helmets and hung them on the windows and around the house. We had a "firefighter training academy" with the following games:

1. Turnout gear test - we had two sets of helmets, jackets, and boots that the kids had to put on quickly, then take off. They were divided into two teams, so had to go quickly through the line.
2. Hose drag test - again, two teams. They had to run across the parking garage (we normally would have been out at the park, but it was rainy so we had games in our garage!) holding the end of a roll of toilet paper. This game, inspired by Oliver, was perhaps the most popular.
3. Dummy drag test - I weighted stuffed animals with bags of rice and dressed them in clothes. The kids had to carry them down the garage and back, then pass them to the next firefighter in line.
4. Fire extinguisher test - I painted a skyline in acrylic, then painted flames on it in watercolor. The kids took turns skirting it with turkey basters, spray bottles, and such to put out the fires.
5. Ax test - We called it that just to stick with the theme, but it was really just breaking a pinata. A firetruck pinata, of course. In fact, it was the same one we used last year. It wasn't too beat up, so it hung in Phoebe's room all year and I patched it up to use it again this year.

 After the games, we came back upstairs for lunch and cake. Phoebe put out the fire (candles!) and opened gifts. We got her a pair of red suspenders and a matching red bow tie. I know it's weird, but she has been asking for them. Why? Because real firefighters wear suspenders (the bow tie just came with the set).
 At the very end of the party, some real firefighters showed up! Phoebe is in love with the local station and visits them about once a week. She knows most of them by name, their shifts, which truck they are on, etc. She had given them a party invite a few weeks back and they actually showed up with the trucks and all! They gave out firefighter helmets and stickers and the kids were just over the moon. Phoebe was so excited she could barely speak.
Phoebe still wants to be a firefighter and tells me she only has 14 more years until she can be one.

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