Sunday, October 26, 2014

Santa Fe

 As long as we were in Colorado, we needed to go see Scott's sister in Santa Fe too. It was a few hours of driving, but worth the trip. We went for an awesome hike with Lana's family at Tent Rocks.
 Scott's brother Mark took my camera for a run and snapped some sweet selfies, including this gem.
 The hike went through some narrow spots before climbing upward.
 Phoebe really wanted to go into a cave, so Mark indulged her by practically carrying her up a cliff for this photo opp.
We saw some pretty crazy tarantulas too. They creep me out, but Phoebe is not scared of anything of course. Scott said these ones were actually quite small. Ewww.
 We hung out at Lana's with her kids and two dogs. I just now realized that I don't have any pictures of Bruce in Santa Fe because he does not like dogs at all, and he was busy playing Legos or video games with Lana's boys.
Oliver did not mind the dogs at all. In fact, he loved getting his hands and face licked repeatedly.
 Again, the kids were thrilled about the backyard.
 And having cousins around.

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