Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hot or Not

Here are the highlights of our week, tabloid-style.

- Flannel pajamas. It is cold, but it must not be cold enough to justify wearing flannel pajamas for Bruce. This is how we found him last night.

- Chewable grape-flavored Motrin
. Bruce got a nasty ear infection on Sunday night and much prefers chewable and candy-like pain relief.

- Med schools. Yes, they are all the rage. Scott has interviewed at two now - Washington University in St. Louis and University of Pittsburgh. Next up: Duke.

- Forts. Bruce's latest play adventures combine sheets, blankets, and couch cushions to make elaborate forts. Most of the time he pretends to sleep in them, so that's fine with me.

- Scott's research. Despite being in and out of the lab lately, Scott has had amazing success when he is there. He comes home with really cool images of Alzheimer's plaques lighting up with different dyes.

- The RMV. My license was almost expired, so I had to venture to the RMV for a new one. I couldn't find parking for almost a half-hour, then waited in line for another half-hour, then finally got my license with a nasty picture of me on it. Only five more years until I can get a better picture...

- Free phones. Scott and I had really old cell phones (they still had Cingular logos on them and that company hasn't existed for at least a year), so we were due for new free ones. Our last phones were free and they weren't bad, so I went with the free option again. Apparently free phones get cheaper and junkier every year. Everything I hear through the speaker sounds a bit muffled, so don't mind me if I ask you to repeat yourself about eight times over the phone.

- Bored cops. We went to a BYU-Utah football party to watch the game and perhaps Scott was a bit too excited to get there. He got pulled over for doing 40 in a 30 zone. Yeah, that's 10 over. But the guy in front of us was going 40. And everyone behind us was going 40. Luckily, he just gave us a scowl and a written warning for speeding and for Scott's out-of-state license (yep, now he has to go to the RMV).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the "Hot" and "Not Hot" idea. Your house must be warmer than mine if Bruce is taking off his pajamas.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Swoopref said...

Do the crime... do the time. (If in Lexington, my brother is a cop there and he likes LDS friends...In Arl. mention my name although it might make things worse.)

10:39 PM  

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