Friday, December 28, 2012

Cheering on the Crimson Tide

 Every month or so, Harvard invites residents of the community to a free sporting event. We decided to check out a basketball game. The kids weren't very interested in the basketball...
 ...but they were interested in popcorn. It also helped that Bruce saw a friend from school and hung out with him, and Phoebe saw a friend from church and hung out with him.

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Anonymous Lyndsay said...

While I sincerely appreciate your willingness to support the Crimson Tide, as you mention in the title to this post, I have to let you know that Harvard is just The Crimson...NOT the Crimson Tide. The University of Alabama the ONE and ONLY Crimson TIde! Rollllllll Tidddeee!!!!

9:20 AM  

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