Friday, November 21, 2014

10 random things

1. Oliver is 18 months old today! Which means that this Sunday he can go to nursery for 2/3 of church. Which means I can actually pay attention to at least some of church again.
2. Silicone earplugs are Scott's new best friend. He is working a month of night shifts, so he saves lives all night and sleeps all day. We try to loiter in public spaces all afternoon, but the library is only open for so long.
3. I have a new nephew! Scott's sister had a baby boy today. Still unnamed. Phoebe wants his name to be "Homer."
4. Last weekend was the Primary program at church when the kids take the mic and totally preach it. We have had interesting things happen in the past, so Scott bribed Phoebe with a mystery prize. She was well-behaved and didn't add any extra special lines, but now she has been asking me for her prize all week. Not sure what dad had in mind...
5. I'm glad I don't live in Buffalo. I'm not ready for that much snow yet.
6. My mom sent Oliver a car-like stroller - the kind where he sits and plays with the steering wheel and I push him with a stroller handle. It is awesome.
7. Scott misses mountains so much that it makes me crazy. Aren't there mountains in Ohio? Not that we are going anywhere anytime soon.
8. I love my kids' schoolteachers. They put their whole heart and soul into teaching Bruce and Phoebe and just care about them so much. It makes it a lot easier to leave them at school every day.
9. Bruce is really into Greek mythology right now. Ask him anything and he knows it.
10. It gets dark so early now. Today sunset was at 4:16 p.m. I miss you sunshine.



Blogger ellen said...

Edna. Mode.

1:40 AM  
Blogger Balenciaga's Muse said...

I am definitely with you on being glad that we're NOT in Buffalo, NY. I couldn't cope with that much snow, now that I've started to go back to FP Saturdays!! :)

10:57 AM  

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