Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy Noon Year

When we got back from Ohio, most of us got sick. Scott, Oliver, and I got nasty colds. Phoebe had some kind of bug that made her sometimes feverish, sometimes sleepy and tired at weird times, and all the time whiny. Random photo above: that would be Oliver posing for a picture at the piano, one of his favorite places to hang out. He loves playing, then stopping and clapping for himself like it was a recital.
She was bummed about missing church (really), so I told her we could do something cool at home. She chose to have her hair braided, which is remarkable considering that 99% of the time she doesn't let me touch her hair at all.
Once we recovered, we headed to the Children's Museum on New Year's Eve. We got a membership as a gift from Scott's parents, so we tried it out.
 The kids had a blast of course, and they tell me they want to go every single day this year.
 A few minutes before noon, we huddled in the museum lobby and watched a "ball drop" to celebrate the "Noon Year." We counted down, got sprinkled with confetti, and went back for more play!

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