Monday, January 05, 2015

We survived Nights.

 Happy New Year! You probably thought you have been written off the Christmas card list, but you would be wrong. The real reason is that the end of our year got a little crazy. I simplified things and put the card thing on hold. You may just get a valentine this year. And one more reason to postpone cards: the photo above is our only family photo from this year. Selfie with 'staches. Awesome.

 Scott worked four straight weeks of night shifts, which put a damper on family life. The only good thing about nights was that Scott and Oliver had a big breakfast every morning (after Bruce and Phoebe went to school and before Scott went to bed for the day). They enjoyed their "second breakfast" together.
One morning, I woke up at 6 a.m. to Oliver running across my bedroom floor. He tripped right before he got to my bed, face-planted into the sideboard, and started howling. I turned on the light and there was blood everywhere. The bottom of his nostril had a nasty cut, so I packed the kids into the car for Oliver's First ER visit. Scott just happened to be working in the emergency department, so we got to say hello. Oliver didn't need stitches, which I guess is good but I felt dumb for bringing him in. The kids were happy to see Scott and happy to make it to school on-time and eat breakfast at the school cafeteria, so perhaps it wasn't so bad after all.

All in all, I am sooooooo glad those nasty night shifts are over. I need someone to put my cold feet on at night.

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