Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello blog.

Quick update since I've been a bad blogger.
1. Scott is on a mammography rotation. He probably deals with lots of frowny females, but doesn't talk about it much at home. Instead, he is busy putting together applications for fellowship (a few years away still) and watching YouTube videos of people climbing stuff.
2. I just ran a 3K at a local college indoor track meet. It was the first time in years that I've run that short a distance, so I finished strong and felt like I needed more laps. I will be racing the 5K at another college meet in a few weeks. 
3. Bruce is getting into computer coding. One of his New Year's resolutions is to learn JavaScript so he can make a Minecraft mod. He recently wrote me an essay about why he thinks his bedtime should be later (it's 8 pm right now). He said everyone else in his class stays up later. I told him no one else gets up as early as he does (6 am without an alarm) and that all I do is laundry when kids go to bed. 

4. Phoebe got a book-making kit for Christmas and has been a prolific author, producing dozens of stapled books. She recently picked up ice skating and is still crazy about firefighters and Tae Kwon Do. 
5. Oliver picked up a few words in the past few weeks. "Done" is his favorite word and he uses it after meals, when he is sick of playing with a particular toy, etc. He also says "hot" and "mommy," but not in that consecutive order. He loves Bruce and Phoebe and loves picking them up from school.

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