Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quick Trip to Ohio

This past weekend, Bruce and I went to Ohio to visit the fam. Bruce absolutely loved it. He fed the ducks in our front yard every day, and got very spoiled. He ate lots of chocolate, got a few tractor rides, ran around the house with his cousins, and got all the attention he could handle.

Bruce got to meet his newest cousin, Jared. Bruce liked Jared until I held him, then he tugged on my pants and whined. I sense some jealousy; that could pose a problem someday.

While in Ohio, Chris came to visit. He was the best man at his friend's wedding, so he was just there for two days. He's been out at college for about two months and he's already whipped over some girl. Yikes. If you check out the picture, that face says it all: "I'm whipped."

I also cracked the whip on Marissa and helped her fill out some college applications. Here's what Marissa's face says: "I spent two hours filling out my college app only to have it accidentally deleted. Guess I'm not going to that school. There goes four years of my life..."


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