Thursday, September 25, 2008

167 pages in 71 days.

This journal was a high school graduation gift from a friend. And for some reason, I actually started writing every day in it. I had plenty to write about. I went to the Galapagos Islands with my best friend (that was her graduation gift!) for a few weeks, I was a camp counselor at a running camp for one week, went to church camp as the music director for a week, hung out with my boyfriend every chance I could get, and prepped to drive across the country for my frosh year at BYU.

My family drove our big Suburban out to Utah to drop me and Karyn off at school. Here's an entry from the day they left Utah - my first day on my own.

August 17, 2000: The family left this morning. Marissa hugged me. BJ hugged me quickly. Chris walked up to Karyn and me and waved! Karyn said "You walked all the way up here to wave?"(we were at the top of the steps). And he said "Mom told me to come say goodbye" and he left. Dad gave me a blessing. Mom hugged me. They finally pulled out at 9:30. As soon as the Suburban was out of sight, I ran in the apartment. I found my phone card and called Steve. I talked to Steve's mom for at least five minutes. I missed talking to her too! Steve wasn't home at the moment, so he called back later. Karyn had gone up to campus to do some stuff and I stayed behind to wait for Steve's call. I talked to him for 20 minutes, then had to go. I had to meet Karyn on campus. I met Karyn in the weight room a little after 11. I was supposed to meet her at 11, but I hobbled to campus slowly. My foot hurts! I sure hope it's not a stress fracture. I tried to see Coach Shane. He is out of town. I talked to his secretary. NCAA rules won't let me see an athletic trainer until Monday. I went to the library and wrote a few emails. After that, I did boring stuff like banking and figuring out scholarship stuff. Then Karyn and I went swimming. We went to our casa, ate dinner, talked to Christian (Karyn's roomie Rachel's boyfriend, who runs for UVSC), visited some people, watched a band practice. It has been quite a day. I'm pooped.

That's not the most exciting entry, but that's how it is that first day out, right? In my mind, I think I'd envisioned parent-less college life to be a big grand party. In reality, it meant I had to do my own banking and buy my own deodorant. Ugh!

Here's another entry: my first day of college.

August 28, 2000: First day of BYU. It was nuts. Last night I couldn't sleep! I laid in bed for four hours before falling asleep! Geez! I could not sleep. This morning I woke up at 6 AM. I heard roosters from the Lion House. I heard the loud Mexican trucks in the parking lot outside my window. Those darn trucks just rev their engines for a few minutes before leaving. I got up and got prissed up in my First Day of School outfit: gray and red thrift store shirt and green pants. My first class was biology at 8 am. The class is in a huge auditorium. I sat with a girl named Camille from Idaho. The professor is superfunny and laid back. It sounds like an easy class if I do all the work. After bio I did some banking, mailed the rent and a letter to Kathy, made instant oatmeal for breakfast, and found Laurel Tegland. Physical science was ok. I don't like science much, but the professor seemed cool. I rushed home from science and got a letter in the mail. I got my laundry started in the washer at Brittany Apartments. I went to Art History. I saw Fletcher on the way. He showed me his brother's art exhibit. His bro is a professor. My teacher is a young blonde chick. After 1 hour of the 2-1/2 hour class, she let us out. I went home and got ready for the Suicide Workout. I ran to the track and stretched and all. I decided to stick with the pack. They will carry me on pace. My first mile was a 5:46, 4 seconds too fast. We didn't ever stop in this workout. We just slowed down. We jogged a 1/2 mile then when we got to the starting line, we broke into a run again. My second mile was 5:49, 1 second too fast. Another 1/2 mile jog. The third mile was awful. I felt horrible. My legs were heavy. I still ran a 5:55! I was so excited! I was the only freshman to make all three! None of the try-out girls survived the workout, Not one! I got home from the workout and Karyn and Stephanie and Rebecca and a bunch of people and I went to 7-11 and got 79-cent Slurpees.


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