Monday, September 22, 2008

A break from the past for a little Present.

In case you're tired of reading about my dull past, here's a glimpse into the present state. Scott is hunkering down in the lab for the next month while he completes the last series of experiments needed for his thesis. In preparation, I bought all kinds of frozen and ready-to-grab food. Despite all this, he's probably going to lose about 10 pounds this month with all the stress. Oh yeah, did I mention he's in charge of a translational research symposium this week? As part of this, he called up this Nobel Prize winner and asked him to come and speak. Scott was amazed when the guy actually said yes. While Scott is busy with all this, Bruce and I keep busy between the gym, preschool, writing, watching a baby a few days a week, and having playdates with Bruce's friends. We got new neighbors a few weeks ago and they have a 3-year-old girl! Bruce gets along with our neighbor and even asked her if she'd be his best friend. I love listening to those two talk! Maybe I'll record it and put it on the blog sometime; it's so funny! Anyway, we took our neighbors to the zoo (which happens to have a dino dig exhibit).
I took Bruce to a town festival last week. We watched drummers, went to a library book sale and scored cheap books, toured a fire truck and ambulance, went to a fire safety demo, played on the playground, decorated cookies, planted sunflower seeds, dug for earthworms in a barrel of dirt, and got way too much candy. At the festival, Bruce went up to some lady and asked, "What's on your face?" She said it was a nose ring. "Ohhhh, so that's what that was."
It's getting cooler out, but there are still a few flowers to stop and smell. I just had to get pictures of these. The sign above is from the zoo train ride; it was closed. Notice any errors? Yeah, that stuff bugs me.

The error in this one is a little more blatant.
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Blogger eldonmars said...

Hey, I'm looking for a job! Do you have any editing positions open?

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Blogger anette said...

The playdates sound the best thing ever.

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